Art Museum

Executive Summary

The client is a content harvesting company that provides products and services to build transparent, productive and private data relationships between companies and their service consumers and/or end users.

Art Museum Project (AMP) is a project for visitors of the Museum where user picks up a badge from the station and approaches the welcome kiosk, touches the screen and is prompted by the Welcome screen to scan the RFID badge. Kiosk identifies scan and conforms that it came from the museum station and pushes the unique short code URL and QR code on to the kiosk screen. The user can type the URL into mobile and unlock the offer by taping RFID badge to other stations located throughout the museum.

Business Challenges

  • Understanding New technologies like React and AltJS which client wanted for their product
  • Deliver the product in very short duration
  • Keep client engaged via JIRA discussion board daily during development stage
  • Fix the issues that are found after the product deployment w/o affecting users


  • Understand the New technologies like React & AltJS
  • Implement user stories
  • Fix bugs in existing system
  • Implement AngularJS based UI and REST APIs using NodeJS and Mongodb
  • Meet the client coding standard

Project Execution

  • Gathered client requirements and the user stories
  • Agreed on design and implementation of various APIs
  • Coding, code review and daily commit the code in git repository
  • Implement the front end kiosk in React/AngularJS
  • Implement back end kiosk in NodeJS
  • Implement database application in Mongodb
  • Implement REST call in NodeJS and model using SailsJS framework
  • Software quality control using automation tools
  • Deployment on various environments


  • Improved user interface
  • User specific discount offers
  • Better user stories data management
  • Customer
    Art Museum
  • Industry
  • Offering
    User specific offer codes
  • Operating System
    Embedded Windows
  • Database
    MongoDb 2.0.42
  • Version Control
  • Front End
  • Back End
    NodeJS 0.12.7
  • MVC Framework
  • Data Management
    AltJS 0.16.10