Big Data & Analytics

The growth of an organization comes with generation of tera bytes of data as a part of daily business activities but without data intelligence to fuel the sound business decisions. The potential of Big Data is in its ability to solve business problems and provide new business opportunities and insights. Adding business intelligence to this Big Data can transform your perspective - changing Big Data from technological jargons to a business opportunities. We use state of the art technologies to offer services such as data science, Big Data analysis, business intelligence solutions and enterprise search consulting services. Our data scientists will plow through your data while making your business decisions easier by creating easy to use interactive dashboards, matrices, performance scorecards and competitive information.

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  • IOT Administration Console

    Internet of Things

    The “IoT Administration Console” is an online administration tool to control the IoT devices installed in the field. The console features the configuration of device, SMS/Emails alerts, the graphs, and generation of various reports of the installed IoT devices.

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