ecommerce - REST API Based Solution

Executive Summary

The client is worldwide provider of mobile solutions in healthcare, e-commerce and many other domains. Currently client uses system which is essentially NodeJS REST API that is used as mobile backend. Unfortunately, Backend NodeJS is not able to handle large number of user transactions. So client was in dire need to convert NodeJS code to Spring based REST API call for faster response.

Business Challenges

  • No Documentation available for current system
  • Redesign the application and migrate it to Jersey based REST API
  • Learn and Understand NodeJS code
  • Only 8 weeks to implement the solution


  • Convert NodeJS Rest based API code into Jersey based REST call
  • Add new functionality in jersey API
  • Apache kafka implementation for solving concurrency issue in NodeJS
  • Set up development, QA and production environment
  • Create dynamic JSON input for NodeJS rest API

Project Execution

  • Gathered client requirements and the user stories
  • Agreed on design and implementation of various APIs
  • Coding, code review and daily commit the code in git repository
  • Implemented the front end kiosk in AngularJS and integrated it with Java REST API
  • Implemented back end kiosk in NodeJS
  • Implemented database application in Mongodb
  • Implemented custom JSON generator that is used as client payload input for various API calls
  • Integrated apache Kafka with current NodeJS system to solve NodeJS concurrency issue
  • Deploy using continuous deployment methodology and NGINX


  • Able to handle more transactions
  • Improved consumer interface
  • Improved messaging service
  • Enhanced the system stability
  • Customer
    Leader in ecommerce
  • Industry
  • Offering
    Mobile platform
  • Operating System
  • Database
    MongoDb 2.0.42, mySQL 5.5
  • Front End
  • Backend End
    NodeJS 0.12.7, Hibernate
  • MVC Framework
  • Message Management
    Apache Kafka