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The complexity involved with maintaining enterprise wide applications is massive and it is immensely difficult to predict the business outcome at any given point of time. There are constant challenges to maintain the existing IT infrastructure, applications and sites, and reduce the overall costs.

The team at Unipine Technologies help clients with competent application maintenance and consistent enhancements to boost the ROI involved. Our actions have helped numerous clients to save their discretionary funds and focus on several transformational projects and activities.

  • Unipine Technologies is well-known for its application support capability and has provided unique and innovative solutions for maintenance of legacy applications built on various technologies.
  • By providing predictable, scalable, flexible and cost effective maintenance and support services by the adept team of developers, engineers and testers, we earned confidence from our clients.
  • What’s more, Unipine has made sure that with subtle as well as practical enhancements to existing applications, clients do not have to invest in migration of application to a new platform or even develop a new application from scratch.
  • Our enhancements are aligned with current industry standards and we strive to provide post implementation support to a wide range of applications.

Related Projects

  • MyEstateSale


    The “MyEstateSale” is an iOS/Android app used by thousands of people to find the current estate sales near them. This app sends custom notifications when user desired items become available. User can buy items in the app itself using inbuilt easy payment options.

  • Device Configurator

    Automotive / OEM Supplier

    The "Device Configurator" is a tool that can be used to provide device serial number to the central database system by just scanning the bar code located on device face. The central database system locates the respective device configuration file based on serial number and downloads the configuration file to the pre-identified computer for target device use.

  • DoctorBuddy


    The “DoctorBuddy”, an iOS/Android app, helps finding healthcare providers based on symptoms information provided by the patients. App also displays doctor and hospital ratings, distance from stored location and estimated treatment cost based on patient’s health insurance and helps patient book the appointment.

  • Store Manager


    The “Store Manager”, an inventory management system for real time managing the store inventory. The system places the consolidated orders to the specified vendors when it detects low inventory upon routine inventory scan.

  • System Migration & BI


    Helped client to consolidate business intelligence data from global business units to one centralized web based business intelligence system while migrating the base ERP system to the latest version.

  • IOT Administration Console

    Internet of Things

    The “IoT Administration Console” is an online administration tool to control the IoT devices installed in the field. The console features the configuration of device, SMS/Emails alerts, the graphs, and generation of various reports of the installed IoT devices.

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