Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Quality is a cornerstone of the services we provide. If you need us to do quality check on what has been delivered to you by other vendors, we would be happy to do so as well. Our team of QA experts ensure that we always deliver “pixel perfect” software using a continuous testing process. We also employ a wide range of industry-standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies to provide your organization with superior quality and integrity for achieving your return on investment.

Our QA team is result oriented with tool builders, innovator and early adopters. We offer a comprehensive suite of software testing that spans across automation, functional, performance and specialized testing. We also offer consulting and advisory services that enables enterprises to establish strong quality processes. Our consulting services helps organization plug the gaps by implementing best practices and methodologies to improve the existing testing operations.

Client challenges mainly consists of:

  • Building a robust Testing Strategy in which prioritizes quality, cost and performance
  • Improve predictability in costs and risks
  • Ensure testing delivers tangible results

Unipine Technologies offers the following benefits through quality assurance:

  • Improved quality: Early detection of defects using continuous testing process and fixing the problem improves the overall quality of the solution
  • Cost reduction: Maintenance cost of the software is progressively reduced as the software requires less modification after QA
  • Effectiveness: Address business risks and ensure desired outcomes
  • Agility: Keep pace with new and emerging technologies like mobility, social, cloud, etc., and provide noticeable benefits

Related Projects

  • MyEstateSale


    The “MyEstateSale” is an iOS/Android app used by thousands of people to find the current estate sales near them. This app sends custom notifications when user desired items become available. User can buy items in the app itself using inbuilt easy payment options.

  • System Migration & BI


    Helped client to consolidate business intelligence data from global business units to one centralized web based business intelligence system while migrating the base ERP system to the latest version.

  • Device Configurator

    Automotive / OEM Supplier

    The "Device Configurator" is a tool that can be used to provide device serial number to the central database system by just scanning the bar code located on device face. The central database system locates the respective device configuration file based on serial number and downloads the configuration file to the pre-identified computer for target device use.

  • DoctorBuddy


    The “DoctorBuddy”, an iOS/Android app, helps finding healthcare providers based on symptoms information provided by the patients. App also displays doctor and hospital ratings, distance from stored location and estimated treatment cost based on patient’s health insurance and helps patient book the appointment.

  • SocialCap

    Online Marketing

    SocialCap, the digital marketing company, utilizes the latest technologies for online data crunch by deploying dynamics of the ever changing social media using personalized search results.

  • Store Manager


    The “Store Manager”, an inventory management system for real time managing the store inventory. The system places the consolidated orders to the specified vendors when it detects low inventory upon routine inventory scan.

  • IOT Administration Console

    Internet of Things

    The “IoT Administration Console” is an online administration tool to control the IoT devices installed in the field. The console features the configuration of device, SMS/Emails alerts, the graphs, and generation of various reports of the installed IoT devices.

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