Trim Manager

Executive Summary

The Client is a Fortune 500 company and market leader in rail road industry with global outreach & their client base includes major USA rail road operators such as Union Pacific, BNSF, CN, CSX etc. The client had designed new fuel injection system which required special codes to be downloaded to the main engine control system called “ECM” (Engine Control Module). The injection system supplier uploads these codes to the central database. The client needed help to bridge the gap from the database system to the ECM. They found us on the back of successful project execution for the other clients.

Business Challenges

  • Understanding the nitty gritty of the injection system
  • Understanding the supplier provided injector code files
  • Understanding of the barcode structure that is stamped on the injector
  • Integration of the barcode scanner with the existing ERP database
  • Understanding the engine matrices for better user interface design
  • Configurable data purge for the injector code files
  • • No design documentation available for existing system

Objectives of Implementation

  • Integrate the suppliers provided injector code files with ERP database
  • Integrate the barcode scanner with the ERP database
  • Locate and download the injector code files to the local machine
  • Create folder structure based on engine serial numbers
  • Provide various scanner feedback on the fly to the operator in the field
  • Purge the stale data after configurable days
  • Design the GUI for operator
  • Data access control for enhance security
  • Low infrastructure & maintenance cost

Project Execution

  • Understand the existing systems and user needs
  • Find the suitable barcode scanner for the client
  • Design the GUI
  • Understand the engine & injector serial number structure
  • Integrate the scanner with ERP database
  • Weekly meeting with client and updates on the progress
  • Software quality control using automation tools
  • Deployment on various environments such as locomotive, field, test cells, etc


  • Fully automated injector code management system
  • Better accuracy on injector code programming
  • Reduced the engine configuration and testing time
  • Cost savings associated with injector code programming & testing

Technologies/Tools Used

  • Java/J2EE
  • Java Swing
  • Quartz API
  • Oracle 11g
  • ETQ Reliance
  • BitBucket/GIT

Project Length

From ground up to final product within 8 weeks of time

  • Customer
    Leading Locomotive Producer, USA
  • Industry
    Rail Road
  • Offering
    System Integration & Automation
  • Operating System
  • Database
  • ERP
    ETQ Reliance
  • Integration